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Nature LifeStyle Therapy
Nature LifeStyle Therapy involves the green nature with all its glories and pright. Green magic and therapy’s, food, drink, medicine, smoke and parfum. For the green herbalist this means it’s easy to create medicine and harvest food. Nature LifeStyle Therapy means the body should be 100% in line with nature and it self. Created medicine and parfum or try out Bach Therapy. This helps with the inlinement of your own body. Create fpg for your own health. Try out different medicine and smoke which can be bought at a apothecary. Get this stuff to get your healt better and inline with yourself.
Why not try out homoeopathic medicine and ask for some advice first. Now buying this thingd in is an easy task. But controlling your body fluids and blood and in general your body total is something for a doctor or therapist.
This website is full off plants and herbs that can be harvested at any time a day. Do keep in mind that your natural plants work better in the morning or in the evening or with fog. Most off this plants are also known in the medical world. Exspecially if I tell you that more then 65% off the medicene are being made by natural plants. This plants are being harvested in the nature or from somebodys backyard. This material can be put in alcohol and be made into a medicine. Never try this out yourself, this is only for homoeopathic therapist!